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Our boarding facilities provide our equine athletes a sanctuary. 

Our stalls are 12 feet wide and 12 feet long, providing our equine clients with plenty of room to sleep and just horse around.  

All five of our boarding facilities are complete with rubber stall mats, rubber brick flooring in breezeways, automatic waterers, automatic fly sprayers, fans, storm shutters, and hurricane doors on all exits to keep horses safe during unpleasant weather.    

We have installed premier rubber equine bricking in all wash stall facilities, breezeways and road crossings to provide excellent traction, drainage and comfort for our equine guests.


Boarding Costs

Boarding Costs
We have several options available for board at Longwood Farm South.

Full board includes Longwood's crew picking your stalls, full turnout, feed and hay twice a day, shavings etc.

Self care is the other option.  It includes a dry stall and turnout.  

We also have housing available too! 

If you're interested in bringing multiple horses to Longwood, please call for a discounted rate based on the number of horses you're interested in boarding.




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