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Longwood Farm has been built to fulfill the owner's dream of the perfect training facility. Betsy was a combined training athlete for many years before she retired to focus on her family life.

She built everything on Longwood to satisfy her childhood dream of creating the perfect training facility with safety as its focus. Every jump, fence board and brick has been put into place with loving care and attention to detail to give her horses the best possible quality of life while providing a safe, fun environment.

This attention to detail and personal involvement in every aspect of the construction of Longwood has allowed Betsy to create this horseman's paradise. Her focus on safety is evident in her creation of advanced complexes at lower level heights, which allows young horses to gain confidence and practice various questions while being safe.

Longwood Farm's History

Longwood Farm was originally a family plantation just outside of Savannah, Georgia. Betsy preserved the family plantation's name and thus named her farm in Prior Lake, Minnesota Longwood Farm North. As she decided to move south, she found it only fitting that her new training facility be named Longwood Farm South.

The process of perfecting the ideal equine training facility has taken many years and lots of tears and sweat. We have expanded the initial 115 acres to over 200 acres complete with an extensive gallop field, five boarding facilities, a grand prix stadium, three dressage footing choices, an indoor arena, and one of the most extensive privately owned cross country courses in the country.

We have expanded and remodeled our barn facilities to accommodate and satisfy even the most discerning horse enthusiast. The process of building and perfecting this facility has taken over 17 years, but we believe it provides the best possible training opportunities for both equestrian and equine athlete without sacrificing luxury.

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